An iTunes alternative

It’s been a fairly long time since I’ve started using as my primary source for music, and I think it’s about time others know what a great sevice they provide.

Due to several loopholes in the Russian copyright laws it’s possible for this Moscow based company to provide legal mp3 download services for as low as $1 an album. They also have a quite unique on-the-fly encoding feature which you have complete control over. Many formats are available, both lossy (mp3, ogg, mpc) and lossless (flac, Monkey Audio) and the encoding is very fast. A very neat Windows client for downloading and sorting the music you’ve chosen is also available and the download speeds are quite fast (my home 1.5 DSL line maxes out).

All in all a great service for a great price that proves that when the service is good enough and when is it reasonably cheap, we might choose it over P2P networks for our media needs.

Here are a couple of reviews of the site from other sources:

Note : I’m not in any way shape or form associated with I’m just a happy customer.

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