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Had a conversation today with a guy I work with about reading blogs. He never read any (weird, hah?) but seemed interested and wanted to know where he should start. I wrote him an email with some of the blogs that I read on a daily basis and thought you might benefit from those pointers as well.

Many people in the software world have at least heard of Joel Spolsky of JoelOnSoftware. His recent material is a bit weak, but the archives are a great source of insights on software development, architecture and business. He’s also published most of his articles in a book which my business partner dubbed Joel on Toilet. Yeah, disgusting, I know.

I’ve always been quite interested in the configuration management world and Eric Sink is a guru in the field. He’s also one hell of a hacker and an accomplished business man which makes his blog a gem.

The Daily WTF (which stands for Worse Than Failure although the usual meaning usually works just as well) is a constant source of amusing stories of programmers and other technical people f***ing up in huge ways. Very entertaining read, especially when you find yourself thinking, oh shit, that happened to me too.

If you think that you want to go on your own and start a company, but just looking for the right motivation to do that, you should read Paul Graham’s essays. He claims that any decent hacker can and should start a startup, and he’s even willing to put some money where his keyboard is via Y Combinator, a company that he founded that funds startups in the earliest possible stages.

Raymond Chen probably knows more about Windows internals than any other man alive (except maybe for Mark Russinovich of SysInternals). His blog is full of insights about programming for Windows and historical explanation for things like Why are console windows limited to Lucida Console and raster fonts?.

For my Hebrew speaking readers I would also like to include two blogs in the Hebrew language I read on a daily basis:

Cognitive Dissonance has some deep articles on how philosophy and math relate to everyday life.

The Glob is a quite amusing take on the everyday events in Israeli politics and media.

That’s it for now. I haven’t written anything for quite a while being busy with several projects that run in parallel. I’ll tell you more about the more interesting parts of what I’m doing in future posts.

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By Ido Schacham. May 17th, 2007 at 22:14

Yo! Nice to see you wrote something new, and these are some cool recommendations man. 10x!