Internet Marketing Mistakes – Part 3

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This post is part of a series of posts based on the fine lecture given by Dr. Roni Horowitz of at the Israeli CEO forum on May 31, 2007 in Herzlia, Israel.

Let me start this installment with a quote:

Our company is the leader in its field. We provide up-to-par turn-key solutions to enterprise-grade resource allocation problems thus improving both your ROI and TOC and allowing your company to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Join us in our quest!

Care to guess which company is this or at least what business it is in?

You can’t actually, because I lied to you. This isn’t a real company’s marketing pitch I quoted, though it sure sounds like one, doesn’t it? I’ve just written it up in 5 minutes with the help of a couple of bullshit generators to illustrate a point.

Mistake 3 – Writing for the CEO

We’ve all seen, read and heard those statements from all manner of self-proclaimed experts, consultants and incompetent CEOs. It’s even worse if you’re living in a non-English speaking country like here in Israel. People seem to crap all over their message with English words within a Hebrew text to make them sound smarter. We all know it doesn’t.

We still do it sometimes, and usually have an excuse along the lines of “But that’s what the CEO wanted”. You aren’t creating a web site for the CEO. You aren’t doing it for the CMO either. You aren’t even doing it for you. You’re doing it for your vistors who might become paying cutomers. Your marketing messages is probably something the CEO’s ego should be left out of.

One Comment on “Internet Marketing Mistakes – Part 3”

By Ido Schacham. June 2nd, 2007 at 20:49

Don’t managers just love all that buzzword lingo talk that no one understands and doesn’t mean too much, yet everyone pretends to understand as though it is filled with meaning? The emperor’s new clothes.

BTW the bullshit generator really remixes social synergies :)