This has been a long week for me and Arik and it felt like we had quite a lot of work done after Ilay and Benny redesigned the whole interface (yet again..) last week.

Insprired by a discussion that I had with Arik over lunch today about metrics productivity, I thought I’d have a crack at some simple metrics just to see how much we have done. We should probably automate this at some point and make it a part of our nightly build (that is actually broken right now).

Our project includes about 3846 lines of code (not including unit tests and supporting scripts).
This week we’ve changed a total of 5980 lines of code, but we’ve changed some lines several times and so the final version differs from last week’s version by 927 lines.

This means we changed each line about 6.5 times and modified about a quarter of the application.

Without analyzing these data too much, it is evident that we’ve done quite a lot of work this week and that quite a lot of it has been refactoring. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

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