Visual Studio 2005 Serial Number

If this were an actual serial number site, you browser would now be attacked by hundreds of malware scripts. It’s not. Go away.

If you do have an installed Visual Studio 2005 however, and want to find out the serial number you’ve used to install it because you don’t have a clue where you put that shiny sticker, you can. It is, like most things in Windows, in the registry.


In order to convert the value in that key to an actual serial number you have to put a dash ( – ) after evert 5 characters of the code.

Enjoy and don’t do anything illegal with this information.

[Update] Almost four years have gone by since I posted this and it is still a magnet for guys looking for Visual Studio 2005 serial keys. Comments are now disabled and removed.

One Comment on “Visual Studio 2005 Serial Number”

By jluc. December 1st, 2008 at 13:00

Thanks it avoids me to call my sweet admin !

Works fine with Visual STudio 2008 too
Key can be seen here :

And btw visual express can registered for free with a dummy email adress