What "gooli" really means

Apparently the nick name I’ve been called since my first week at the army has different meanings in different languages. And some are not so pleasant :)

Sarah Siegel writes:

“Channa, I don’t want to forget to ask you for a word today. How do you say, ‘Bull’ in Kannada?”
Gooli, Ma’am.”

And the urban dictionary says:


1. Private parts
2. Family Jewels

“I kicked him in the goolies”

Balls of bull. Nice!

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By Pradeep. December 3rd, 2007 at 05:22

came here from Planetpython.

I am a native speaker of Kannada from Bangalore, India
and yes, gooli does mean a bull.

Gooli is a popular nickname even here for people who want to have their way all the time. :)