There was a meeting of the Python-IL (Israel) smallish community tonight where I talked a bit about wxPython.

I went there in a firm intent to write some code and show some neat cross-platform tricks that are possible with the framework, but instead spent quite a lot of time looking a the blue screen of death which seemed to appear every time I was getting a bit deeper into the technical side of my lecture.

At one (quite amuzing actually) point, I got annoyed with the fact that the right Shift key didn’t work very well and slammed it with considerable force about three or four times. It was very satisfying to once again behold the BSOD, and reboot yet again.

Nontheless I hope the folks that haven’t fallen asleep during the talk enjoyed themselves and maybe even picked up a thing or two about wxPython, XRCed and Tuzig’s secret plans (well, at least they were until today) to take over the world.

Just to sum up the talk, here are screenshots of the small app I have tried to build in the process. This is how it looks with no change in the code on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux and a Mac:

wxPython on Windows XP

Windows XP

wxPython on Windows 2000

Windows 2000

wxPython on Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux

wxPython on a Mac


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